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Privacy Policy

hotelradhanainital.com has developed this privacy statement to inform you how we handle privacy issues related to our website and other services.

1. Scope of responsibility

This website assumes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness and current affairs of the content provided. In particular, all information about promotions, coupons and free offers described on this page are subject to change at any time and is not binding.

2. Information collection

We collect, store and process information in order to better understand you and be able to provide you with better services.

3. Use of Cookies

Like many companies, hotelradhanainital.com uses so-called cookies to make our offer as satisfactory as possible. Cookies are small text files that can identify users, so you don't have to register every time. Cookies can also help adapt the offer to your interests. hotelradhanainital.com uses cookies to analyze the use of offers and provide you with interesting information

4. Privacy changes

hotelradhanainital.com will update the privacy policy of this page, please check this page from time to time. hotelradhanainital.com will also send you an email to notify you if the privacy policy is changed.